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If you want to be someone, be yourself.

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The First Principle

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To Hear and to Understand

To Speak and to be Understood

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Which language should I learn, or better, which one should I learn first?

Using Your TV-equipment for Learning Languages: Teletext


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To Speak and to be Understood

A quite essential factor which consists of different abilities.

It is here around the respective language just like around the handling all about pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and the knowledge for the same, i.e. the exercise in the working with it.

The better every single ability is exercised, one also will understand you all the better.

To this topic later more too.


To Reed

Reading literature in a foreign language is for a quite special genre of essential importance, yes, for those people this is a daily compulsory exercise: For all those common service employees like James Bond which are employed in foreign countries with a foreign language.

We still will therefore deal with this topic very thoroughly.


Which language should I learn, or better,  which one should I learn first?

Here I have got a serious problem! You read these lines now in English, so it would be a little bit funny to recommend you to start with English. 

For all those people with English native language I can't give any recommendation. Here it depends more then elsewhere to the purpose of your learning. In this case you have a better start position than we others. But some of the tips may be helpfull for you too.

The question what to start with for all other people remains: To start with which language?

If you want to learn a language and if you don't already have a certain imagination yet anyway, for professional or private nature you will stand soon before this question.

But if you would like to improve your competence in foreign languages, there could be only one answer:

Start with English!

Why? Well, therefore exist many reasons:

- This is a relatively easy language.

- Normally will you bring already much knowledge with you,  knowledge from school and everyday life.

- It is indisputable the world language and in diplomacy and specially in business and money the absolutely dominating language

- English you can meet at almost every time, anywhere, anyway if it is music, in TV, and so on.

- With English you can communicate almost everywhere. On almost every place on earth you will find someone who is able to understand speaking English.

- Especially for learning some of the more offbeaten languages you will find courses, books and much more probably only in English. 

- It is the quickest way to get in touch with other people, with tourists, natives, business partners and maybe your next lover too.

- With English you will acquire a fundamentally better platform to other languages, a much better entrance especially to the romanic languages like French, Italian, Spanish. Portuguese and Romanian. (One of uncountable examples: The word "round". The translation in French is "rond/ronde", in Italian "redondo/redonda", in Spanisch it is "redondo/redonda" and in Portuguese it is "redondo/redonda".

- Last but not least English is indispensable in connection with the Internet, where the Sites are written primarily in English.

However, there is a reduction for this recommendation:

If you are in a situation where you could use another foreign language easier and sooner than English so you should prefer this language or at least try to learn it beside of English.

Example 1: You live in bordering proximity of a country from another language area and you have the possibility and opportunity to use this language often and regularly. Or if you have good connections to people of a Spanish Community so it would be better to choose Spanish than French or something else.

Example 2: You or your children have relatives abroad and those could be of any assistance both learning and using the future second language so it would be advisable to choose this language first.


Using Your TV-equipment for Learning Languages: Teletext

Use everything for learning languages which you will get into your hand and which is handily nearby. Your TV device for example.

Now you may think "Good, okay. But for this tip I would'nt need to visit this pages. Watching a film in another language is something which is quite normal." You are absolutely right!

Cable or Internet TV are beautiful things. There are many different foreign transmitters with different languages available. But that isn't what I would like you to suggest. Primarily: How often do you take your time to join a film to look in a foreign language, quite honest now? Rare, or?

What would it be like against this with teletext? Do you have access to teletext? For example at Euronews? Euronews has its teletext pages in  English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Have a look at the reports in your source language first, then change to the target language and you will discover the "Aha-experience" much sooner than you would ever have imagined. This under the conditions of a provided certain basic knowledge in the target language. Be sure that it will help you to recognize and understand most of the words quickly.

Well, but if you do not have any access to teletext or if you want to learn even a completely different language? Don't worry.

My special tips therefore: You have a PC at your hand and also you have an internet connection available, isn't? Clearly it is, otherwise you couldn't read my lines. (You don't find either that this is combined well?)

Tip 1:  www.euronews.com - Euronews again, this time by Internet, and with one language more: Russian.

Tip 2: You would need another language than those mentioned before? Okay, but where to get it? Try it with this link:
- https://teletext.beepworld.de/index.htm
Teletextpages from the whole world! Yours normally also should  be at this. A lot of fun!

Please let me know what you think about this possibility, thank you!


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